Here are a few sermons from the pulpit of Unity Baptist Church.  We pray that these are an encouragement to you as you continue to walk with the Lord.  We hope to add more sermons in the near future.  May God richly bless you and may these sermons prove to uplift, honor, and Glorify the Name that is above every name.....The name of JESUS CHRIST!


Unity Baptist Church

Sermon from 11/29/2015 Five things found at the Foot of the Cross

Sermon from 11/22/2015 When Jesus Arrives

Sermon from 11/15/2015 What it all comes down to

Sermon from 11/08/2015 Getting through the Circumstances

Sermon from 10/18/2015  Learning a lot from Lot

Sermon from 10/04/2015  The Potters Perfect Plan

Sermon from 9/29/2015 When God does the Straightening

Sermon From 9/06/2015 Sailing with the Storm Stopper